Billie Joe Armstrong Says Ashlee Simpson Is No Punk

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In the September 17th issue of Entertainment Weekly, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong expressed his views on Ashlee Simpson. He said, “I saw what’s-her-name – what’s Jessica Simpson’s sister’s name? – wearing a t-shirt that says, ‘Punk.’ Ashlee Simpson, you’re not a punk.” Check out a scan here.

Ashlee Simpson Goes Triple Platinum

Ashlee Simpson’s debut album, ‘Autobiography’, was recently certified triple platinum by the RIAA in the US. It has only been released for 8 weeks, and has risen to number 6 up from number 8 last week.

Siblings Can Relate To Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Autobiography’

YM magazine caught up with Ashlee Simpson and asked her about following in Jessica’s footsteps. “People run up to her and tell her what a great role model she is,” Ashlee said. “I agree- Jessica’s the best- but that’s a lot for me to live up to. I think most siblings can relate to Shadow. It’s about finding your own identity and realizing you don’t have to be like anyone else. I had to examine my strengths and see that I was talented in my own way. I couldn’t constantly measure myself based on my sister. But when Jessica heard that song she cried. She said it was the most beautiful song she ever heard. But I’d rather be compared to her than anyone else. But once people hear my album, they’ll see how different our sounds are. Being sisters is the only reason to compare us.”

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5 thoughts on “Billie Joe Armstrong Says Ashlee Simpson Is No Punk

  1. AFMartin87 says:

    Thank you Billie! Ashlee doesn’t have to say she’s punk. She’s worse than Avril Lavigne. She’s dyeing her blonde hair a dark brown/black, wearing the shirts that says “punk” or “rock chick” and in her music she has a lot of screaming and heavy guitar played over A*Teen hits from 99. Please, Ashlee is the queen of posers.

  2. Meggz75 says:

    I don’t recall Ashlee ever claiming she is punk, in fact, I know she never has. Only thing she has said is her music is edgier than Jessica’s, which is true. She was wearing a t-shirt, big deal….people wear t-shirts that say things like that all the time…I think Billie Joe needs to get his a$$ off some drugs and check out his facts before he opens his pie hole. I think he used her name to get his name out in the press. no one cares about Green Day anymore…funny how he starts talking crap when his CD is coming out or maybe it is already out and sales are bad…either way, he just wants his name mentioned so people talk about him and what a bad a$$ he really is *NOT*

  3. sushz0r says:

    yes Ashlee’s a poser and she doesn’t have to actually say she’s punk. just by the music she’s *trying* to put out and her style (hair, clothing, accessories, etc) she wants everyone to think she is, but to me, she’s coming off as a poser and trying, but failing in distinguishing herself from her sister, but no matter what she does, she’s still going to be known as Jessica’s sister. I do give her props for writing her own lyrics, but I categorize her with Hilary Duff.

  4. Meggz75 says:

    I can relate to that song. My parents wanted me to be more like anyone but myself. They wanted me to go to GA Tech like my brothers or be like my cousins and be a teacher. But eventually they realized I am me, not them. I cry when I hear that song too. Ashlee is a great role model for everyone, even my old a$$ lol

  5. true-hardcore-punk says:

    i wouldn’t say billie is a punk either…

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