Billy Bush Meets Up With Michael Jackson In Dublin

‘Access Hollywood’ co-host Billy Bush blogged about his interview with Michael Jackson in Dublin, Ireland the other day in a recording studio, where the singer is working with of the Black Eyed Peas on a comeback record. “Michael Jackson was nervous and antsy,” Bush wrote. “He was truly torn. He wanted to stay and keep jamming and have some fun, but he also wanted to leave before, from his perspective, he got crucified by another TV interview.”

Big Bucks For Young Tiger

October 11, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Tiger Woods on tonight. Very excited about that. Amazing guy. You know, Tiger won his first junior golf tournament when he was only 8 years old. 8 years old. Then he won it again when he was 9. That’s pretty good. Pretty good. That’s like a world record. That’s the most money won by any 9-year-old without suing Michael Jackson.”

Why Michael Jackson Settled Child Custody Case

1, 2006 – Roger Friedman of reports Michael Jackson would have been ordered soon to have a psychiatric evaluation were he not to have settled his child custody case with ex-wife Debbie Rowe. Friedman writes, “I am told that Rowe’s lawyers had already picked out one of the most prestigious and well-respected family psychologists in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Mary Lund. Jackson would have done anything to avoid answering her questions, whether they were posed in her Santa Monica office, in a London or Paris hotel (where he likes to make lawyers go for depositions) or on top of a roller coaster at Disneyland.” The article at has since been removed.

Jacko Nears Settlement With Debbie Rowe Over Child Custody

29, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Fox News reported Michael Jackson’s battle with his ex-wife over the kids is gonna be settled. She’ll get them on weekends. In return, he’ll be allowed to see other children. So that’ll work out.”

Michael Jackson & Debbie Rowe Near Settlement

28, 2006 – Roger Friedman of reports the custody and visitation case between Michael Jackson and ex-wife Debbie Rowe is about to be settled. Friedman speculates Rowe will likely be able to now see her children on a regular basis get all the money Jackson has put in escrow since October 2003, when he cut her off from her alimony, and she will probably get a bonus as well. Read more.

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