Billy Crawford Says *NSYNC Aren’t Sunk

Fellow singer and friend Billy Crawford tells Top of the Pops that stsar Justin Timberlake isn’t planning on going solo just yet. Asked if *NSYNC could survive without Timberlake, he says, “I have no idea. *NSYNC are a great band and I don’t think Justin would leave them in the dark like that.”

Nick Carter Not Phased By *NSYNC’s Grammy Performance

March 6, 2003 – Contributed by elgato1019_1: Nick Carter, currently on tour with Sev and Vi3, recently did a sit-down interview with the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. He talked with the interviewer about his solo plans, his first stabs at songwriting and the status of the Backstreet Boys. On the subject of BSB, he said they’ll come together in March or April. The interviewer then asked, “ performed a tribute to the Bee Gees at the Grammys on Sunday night. Do you have any regrets about missing out on those types of opportunities like that by putting the on hold?” Nick responded, “That whole scene — and I’m not just talking about the Grammys — is great to do. But there’s so much politics involved in that stuff and to me, it’s all about the music and entertaining and performing. Personally, I’m not the kind of guy who strives to be like, ‘Look at me, look at me. I need to be everywhere.’ I’m not a male diva. I’m just Nick.”

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