Billy Masters Blind Item… Not So Blind?

This week’s Billy Masters blind item should have people talking as it states, “Could it be that a certain performer is trying desperately to back out of that high-profile gala for personal reasons? Rumor has it that if he bails, he-ll take his boys with him, proving that one bad apple can indeed ruin it for the entire bunch. While publicly flip-flopping about their availability (citing the all encompassing scheduling conflicts), the woodsman was made uncomfortable by the ever-growing closeness with the captain. Let-s just say that a tense moment occurred when the honoree tried to free willy and things came to a head – or, rather, didn’t come to a head. By the way, I’m embarrassed to say that the scary man once appeared in a Lindsay Wagner movie! Oh, the shame.”

To break it down:


his boys=*NSYNC

scheduling conflicts=*NSYNC’s earlier reason to back out of gig

scary man=Thriller reference

Lindsay Wagner movie= played himself in the 1985 Lindsay Wagner TV movie, “The Other Lover”.

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