Billy Masters Praises Fox For ‘Gay Clay’ Idol Treatment

Billy Masters of weighed in after Clay Aiken was voted on to the show’s final 12. “It’s starting – I’m getting American Idol fever,” he admitted. “This last week, I sat on the edge of my chair (as I’m sure most of you did), wondering if ‘Gay Clay’ was gonna make it to the finals. As the judges made their decisions – not for our boy – I got more and more concerned. What I knew, however, was that the contestant who got the most calls from the public was taken out of the pool of talent for the judges to select from. So, would Clay make it? Indeed, he was the public’s choice – and the one person the judges agreed belongs in the finals. And how sweet was it for the folks at FOX to focus in on his ‘very special friend’, who had tears in his eyes while Clay sang? Brava!”

Celeb Judge Added To ‘American Idol’

March 8, 2003 – The New York Post reports that starting next week, “to mix things up a bit,” ‘American Idol’ will feature a different celebrity judge every week, in addition to Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson.

Fox Plans Spinoff of ‘American Idol’ For Children

March 7, 2003 – Contributed by skiplest: According to ET Online, Fox has inked a spinoff of ‘American Idol’ that has been dubbed ‘American Idol Jr.’, with children aged 6-12 competing on the show. The show is expected to launch in the summer, but there is no word about whether or not the show will have the same format as ‘American Idol’.

Breakfast With Idol Judges

March 6, 2003 – Extra TV was on hand when American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Diane Warren to talk about last night’s show and the reasons behind their selections. All the contestants live or die by picking the right song and several performed on Tuesday were written by Warren. Diane says, “I love it when my songs are sung.” Cowell has this morsel of advice for the last 12 finalists, “Simon says the remaining finalists better bring everything to the table or Randy’s going to eat you.” Video has since been removed.

Joshua Gracin Has An Idol Deal In Event Of War

March 6, 2003 – What happens if the U.S. declares war on Iraq, and 22-year-old lance corporal and American Idol semifinalist Joshua Gracin is called into active duty? “What the producers said is that if I happen to be called to duty during this show, then next season for American Idol 3, I would be able to come right back and pick up in the same position I left off at,” he told TV Guide Online.

Jaered Andrews Talks About Assault Charge

March 4, 2003 – Extra TV spoke with ousted ‘American Idol’ Jaered Andrews on word of his alleged assault in connection with a November bar fight that led to another man’s death. Jaered says, “Just celebrating in a bar with some friends my recent success on ‘American Idol’, when I happened to witness someone getting killed.” But the cops say Jaered and some friends got into a fight with a man at a rural Pennsylvania bar. It spilled out into the street where Andrews hit the man once in the face. He fell back, hit his head on the concrete, and later died.

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