Birgit Schuurman Rehearses At Lennon Studios

Birgit Schuurman has posted her second diary about her tour of America’s west coast to promote her album ‘True Stories I Made Up’. This time she hit the Lennon Studios in San Francisco with Jeroen, Cyril, and Niels, and each attempted their Popeye impersonation.

“I think our rehearsal space is bigger than some of the places we’ll play,” Birgit said. After the rehearsal, she checked out some headlines and reviews of her music in some music weeklies.

Closing out the video, she said, “I would really like to thank Ruud Berens and Robbert Tilly from the NPI because they provided the funds for this adventure. That’s improtant because taking your band to the U.S. is very expensive. So Ruud and Robbert, I’m gonna try to make it happen! And to make it!”

Watch it below.

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