Birthday Party For Britney, Kevin, Shar & Kids

‘The Insider’ correspondent Marc S. Malkin reports that Britney Spears and husband Kevin Federline were at a July 31st birthday bash that Federline’s ex, Shar Jackson, threw for their kids, Kori, 3 and Kaleb, 1. The event was held at the Bony Pony Ranch in Malibu owned by Jackson’s famed plastic surgery boyfriend, Dr. Ryan. The four-hour affair had a western theme with girls dressed as Indians and boys as cowboys. Jackson went as Pocahontas, while Spears kept it simple with shorts and a pink shirt.

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10 thoughts on “Birthday Party For Britney, Kevin, Shar & Kids

  1. shunny says:

    now I see how lies get out. just last week everyone was dogging kevin and Britney because they said they were out kickin it and didn’t attend his kids birthday it turns out they did.wrong is wrong.

  2. Michelle13105 says:

    maybe shar’s new man is why we hear less about how kevin wronged her.

  3. malibu says:

    yea I don’t get this, first ‘sources’ said shar was really pissed that kevin didn’t attend his sons birthday, or even acknowledge it, for that matter, and I also heard she was dating quentin tarantino.

  4. Starlet01 says:

    There was never a story out about Kevin not attending Kaleb’s Bday bash.

    This story is inaccurate, she’s been dating Quentin Tarentino.

    Shar was upset that Kevin didn’t call, visit, or sent a gift, no sense of acknowledge

    Obviously, The Insider needs to do their research because this story is in know way accurate with what was reported by other media outlets. Shar did not throw Kaleb nor Kori a birthday party. It was Kori’s friend’s birthday bash. And did any of you see an pictures of Shar in attendance. Trust me if this story was true, we would see pictures of Shar, Britney, Kevin, Kori, & Kaleb. All we saw was pictures of Britney, Kevin, & Kori. Shar wasn’t even at the party. She’s been busy in the studio recording her album. I don’t know what the media was trying to do but, this story is pure garbage. And yes Shar was deeply hurt when a week & a half ago Kevin didn’t call, visit, nor sent his son a gift for his 1st. birthday.

  5. Michelle13105 says:

    Yes there was. A no go to party, no present, no phone call story.

    either way someones boinking her and she’s not talking as much

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Oh, yeah, THAT makes up for missing the birthday..

    Shar threw a party the day of his birthday and they didn’t call or visit….’, ‘and Shar’s people confirmed it….. I’ve only heard of THIS after the backlash began, so it’s obviously their way of trying, TRYING to make nice!!! You give these twits too much credit….are you really that stupid?

  7. twistedpsykko says:

    there’s something scary enough to make you straight? ..omg, that’s scary enough to make ME straight! scary.

  8. popfan_23 says:

    I thought Shar was with Quentin Tarantino, but anyways it’s nice that they can all come together as a family and be family

    Cause they were showing Britney in those pictures, that was their aim

  9. Starlet01 says:

    Shar said no phone call, visit, nor a present, she never said a party!

    Sex has nothing to do with Shar being upset with Kevin for ingnoring KALEB’s 1 Bday!

  10. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Are you as dumb as a box of hair?? Read a magazine and you’ll see that Britney and Kevin threw Kori and Kaleb a joint birthday party and that’s why they didn’t go to Shar’s.

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