Blake Lewis Gets His Wish – ‘How Many Words’ Is His Next Single

‘American Idol’ season six runner-up checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@blakelewis) on Thursday (February 7) with the following message:

It’s 11pm, I’m in a hotel on sunset, just got into LA and already today I had a three hour meeting with my new business manager, finished my new tattoo on LA Ink, by Kim Saigh and just had dinner with my sharks (Lawyers). What a great day. Grammy weekend. Time to party.

Sorry it’s been so long my friends. I have finally had a couple of weeks off and by off I mean I’ve super busy catching up with family and friends at home. I haven’t been online because I don’t have internet at my new casa. I finally bought my house and KJ my best bud and drummer moved in last Thursday. What a great feeling to have a place to rest my head. We combined our studios and within the next few weeks, we will have it up and running. So far I’ve painted a couple rooms, torn out the base boards and bought a couch. It’s coming together just great. Dad came over and helped me paint. Felt like old times for a minute. I use to paint houses as side jobs as a kid and now my house has seen the best of it.

I’m here in LA for business with my record label and 19. We are in talks of the new single and I couldn’t be more happy with the news. Finally my dream has come true and the label has listened to my pleas. HOW MANY WORDs does it take for me to say that HOW MANY WORDs should be the new single. Well finally it caught on. Don’t know when It will hit the radio, but hopefully within the next month you should be hearing it on the airwaves. STOKED!!!!!! Thanks to you great friends.

Thanks for reading. More to come when Comcast gets there sweet ass over to my place and hook me up with some of that Informational Super Highway ish.

Peace and Vibes – BL

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