Blake Lewis Thanks “The Best Fans Anyone Could Ask For”

Blake Lewis updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@blakelewis) on Monday (September 28), discussing some upcoming shows and other things going on as he prepares to release his second album ‘Heartbreak on Vinyl’ next Tuesday. The ‘American Idol’ season six runner-up writes:

So here are some of the things going on… My ‘Sad Song’ video is out and you can watch it here, and pretty much everywhere at this point. Special thanks to Ana Veselic who came up with a brilliant, and funny concept that I love and hope you enjoy too. If you do let me know, your comments and emails mean a lot to me. I have some new remixes that I’m loving… David Tort is the man! And wasssup to Roger Sanchez for playing David’s mix in his podcast this week on iTunes! Andy Caldwell also did a classic revamp, and wait til you hear what Jody Den Broeden and Chris Cox did with the song (sign up at www.blakelewisofficial to hear it first). The Blake Lewis Army was out and about on the Idol Live tour and handed out thousands of fliers, did you get one? Thanks to my army for looking out and even offering to buy me a new iPhone after I drove over mine in a go kart race. You guys are the best fans anyone could ask for…..

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