Blender’s 25 Sexiest Music Moments In TV

Blender’s latest issue presents the sexiest music moments in TV history. Madonna and Britney Spears tie with the most moments on the list, 3 each and sharing one of them. Britney bests Madonna taking the top honor with her 2000 VMA performance. Madonna comes in at #2 with her 1984 VMA performance of ‘Like A Virgin’. Elvis makes it at #3 with his hip-shaking stop on Ed Sullivan. Jennifer Lopez has 2 sexiest moments her most infamous being the green dress at #7. Read on for the full list.

1. Britney Spears performs ‘Oops I Did It Again/Satisfaction,’ 2000 MTV Video Music Awards
2. Madonna performs ‘Like a Virgin,’ 1984 MTV Video Music Awards
3. Elvis Presley, The Ed Sullivan Show, 1956
4. Chris Isaak, ‘Wicked Game’ Video, 1991
5. Baywatch Opening Credits, 1989-2001
6. Britney Spears, ‘…Baby One More Time’ Video, 1998
7. Jennifer Lopez’s Green Dress, 2000 Grammy Awards
8. James Brown, The T.A.M.I. Show, 1964
9. Friends, ‘The One Where Ross and Rachel… You Know’ Episode, 1996
10. Madonna on ‘Wayne’s World’, Saturday Night Live, 1991
11. Ann Margrock, The Flintstones, 1963
12. , ‘Dirrty’ Video, 2002
13. , ‘Freedom 90’ Video, 1990
14. Happy Days, ‘Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur’ Episode, 1977
15. Jennifer Lopez, ‘Jenny From the Block’ Video, 2002
16. Duran Duran, ‘Girls on Film’ (Uncensored Version) Video, 1982
17. Fiona Apple, ‘Criminal’ Video, 1996
18. D’Angelo, ‘Untitled (How Does It Feel’)’ Video, 2000
19. Enrique Iglesias, ‘Addicted’ Video, 2003
20. The Simpsons, ‘Colonel Homer’ Episode, 1992
21. Rose McGowan’s Mesh Dress, 1998 MTV Video Music Awards
22. The Rolling Stones Perform ‘Let’s Spend the Night Together,’ The Ed Sullivan Show, 1967
23. Madonna and Britney Lip-Lock, 2003 MTV Video Music Awards
24. T.A.T.U., 2003 MTV Movie Awards
25. Fountains of Wayne, ‘Stacy’s Mom’ video

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