Blog 27 Weighs In On Swine Flu, Economy, China Trade

Tola Szlagowska of checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@blog27) on Tuesday (April 28), talking about her visit to Poland, the economy, trade with China and John Lennon’s greatest hits album. The Polish pop singer based in Los Angeles writes:

Did you guys hear about the swine flu? It’s really scary, So many people already died. It’s serious for sure, but I also think that they want people to have fear so they would constantly watch the news. Anyways wash your hands!!

Also, they are probably trying to distract people from other topics such as the economic crisis, that surely nobody is happy about. However I think that in every hard situation you can find a little good. I hope that the recession we found ourselves in, would wake up people’s conscience. And the ignorance, as well as the fu**ed up life priorities shall change. Maybe money won’t be as important as it is currently. Of course I am not trying to say that having money is a bad thing, it does make ur life easier, specially if the intelligent people have it, that way it’s well spent.

The other thing is Europe and America’s relations with China. I tend to think that it would be a wonderful thing if they could stop trading, stop producing anything in China, because of the way this country is. No democracy, no human rights respected, to me its unacceptable. On the other hand United States are very liberal, and I just can’t imagine that people will ever let this happen for a very prosy reason, which is money. No business relations with China would lead to a bigger crisis. More and more people would lose their jobs, the prices would get much higher because the productions and materials would get more expensive. People would not be able to afford as many things as they can now.

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One thought on “Blog 27 Weighs In On Swine Flu, Economy, China Trade

  1. John Lennon says:

    All countries have to grow. The U.S. used to be worse than China

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