Bloody Justin Timberlake Surrounded By US Flag Imagery

A bloodied Justin Timberlake surrounded by images of the American flag on the cover of Arena magazine provide an eerie feeling following the terrorist attacks on the US on Tuesday. No word on if the mag got pulled following Tuesday’s tragedy.

Timberlake Infuriates Country Club

September 13, 2001 – The Star is reporting *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake was chased down by outraged golfers after he attempted to duck out of a autograph signing commitment after Knollwood Country Club let him play a round at their prestigious New York course.

Timberlake and his bodyguard’s Suburban was blocked by angry parent’s Jaguars and Benzes. After a show down between the Justin’s bodyguards and the country club’s members, police were called.

After the heated moment, Justin agreed to sign autographs for all the kids at the club before going to pick up Britney Spears to see a match at the US Open.

The country club’s assistant manager, Marie Gelardi told the tabloid, “Things got heated up. There were harsh words. But we were protecting him from himself. Those kids are the ones who pay for his lifestyle, and he doesn’t want his customers ticked off.”

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