Blu Cantrell Says Posh Is Rude

The Glasgow Daily Record reports Blu Cantrell has labeled former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham rude after meeting the singer recently at a party in New York. “I think Victoria Beckham is really rude,” Cantrell said. “She came to a party in New York with Damon Dash and all she did the whole night was stare. She made no attempt to speak to me.”

Damon Dash, who attended the bash with Posh, tried to reassure the former porn pin up, but she didn’t buy it. “Damon reckoned it was because she thought I was hot, but I just think it’s rude,” she said. Blu then struck a blow at Posh by adding, “I think her husband is hot.”

Posh Turns Down World Music Awards

According to The Mirror, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham turned down the request to present an award at the World Music Awards in Monaco, claiming she was “too busy.”

The move was shocked event organizers, who argued that it would have been good for Beckham’s career, citing the face that the awards show is featured in America.

“She would have been perfect,” an insider said. “She’s always going on about how much she wants to be famous in America and this would have helped to boost her profile no end. It’s weird why she wouldn’t want to do it. She told us she just didn’t have the time.”

Posh Can Keep British Style Awards Dress

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been told she can keep the red dress she borrowed at the British Style Awards. Designer Hannibal Laguna told The Sunday Mirror, “I wanted it back to make copies, but now I prefer that it remains special.”

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One thought on “Blu Cantrell Says Posh Is Rude

  1. willow84 says:

    Blu Cantrell is an ass. Some radio DJ’s in Dallas said that she was so rude in their interview for no reason. so she needs to shut up about posh being rude when she’s the same way. (and by the way I’m not a posh fan. so its not like I’m trying to defend her. It’s just what I heard)

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