Blue Members Slam a1 Ben Adams’ Hair

Smash Hits spoke with the guys from Blue, who had some rather catty comments about a1 member Ben Adams and his hairstyle. Said Antony Costa, “[Ben] loves himself so much, And what’s with the hair? – get it cut!” Added fellow Blue member Duncan James, who has his own hair grooming excesses, “I’m not as bad as Ben a1 though, he measures his hair.”

Blue’s Duncan Talks Mariah: Acting Bad, Singing Good

March 27, 2002 – Blue were recently on Capital FM’s Takeover where they were interviewed and played some of their favorite tunes. Duncan said during the interview, “We’re going to play a diva’s song next. I watched the film ‘Glitter’ last night and I thought it was absolutely appalling. Bless Mariah Carey! I’m sorry, but if you’re listening, you can’t act darling! I’m not being nasty but it wasn’t the greatest I’ve seen! But you do have a great voice.” Duncan did have a soft spot for Mariah though adding, “Anyway, I’m going to choose a song from Mariah because I think she’s absolutely wicked and I think she should stick to singing. One of my favorites is called ‘Hero’.”

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3 thoughts on “Blue Members Slam a1 Ben Adams’ Hair

  1. Faye says:

    What idiotic, horrible people! Ben AND A1 are better than all those bunch of losers.

  2. marie says:

    Stupid Antony Costa! Blue blokes are so ugly! They’re just jealous of how gorgeous Ben is.

  3. danah says:

    So what’s the matter with Ben’s hair style?? he’s so handsome. NOTHING COMPARES!! you don’t have the right to do that to Ben. mind your own hairstyle!!! I love you Ben!!! <3

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