Blue Mentioned In ‘Love Actually’

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are mentioned several times in the new film ‘Love Actually’ starring Hugh Grant. In the film, they battle one of the characters for the #1 Christmas single. At one point, their rival even draws on a picture of them.

Blue Seeks Mystic Advise

November 3, 2003 – The Sun reports Blue stars and have become regular customers of mediums who are advising and guiding the boy band. “They’ve said a tall man who smokes a pipe and plays the piano is protecting me,” Duncan said. “That describes my grandad so I know he’s looking down on me. It makes me feel safe.” Bandmate Simon added, “I’ve seen a medium who told me if we fly on a plane with Duncan we will be safe.”

Blue Plot Clothing Line

November 2, 2003 – Sky News reports British boy band Blue have decided to enter the world of fashion by releasing their own line of clothing. “The guys are all seriously looking into their own style and how they want to be represented,” a source close to the group revealed. “We hope to get it off the ground for the spring of 2004.”

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