Blue Star Beds Lapdancer Behind Liz’s Back

The Sunday People reports Blue star Lee Ryan has been bedding a gorgeous lapdancer behind the back of his Atomic Kitten girlfriend Liz McClarnon. Ryan has been a regular visitor to blonde Karen Butler apartment, and was reportedly sobbing after being dumped. “Sex with Lee was brilliant. He just blows my mind,” she told a pal. “He’s had a lot of lovers so really knew how to please a girl. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. Men throw themselves at my feet all the time but I’ve only had eyes for Lee.”

Lee Ryan Protest Record Slammed By George Michael

February 26, 2003 – George Michael attacked plans for today’s manufactured pop stars to make an anti-war record, a move initiated by Blue singer Lee Ryan. He tells Sky News, “I’m begging, I’m hoping that there will not be a Band Aid 2. The reality is that very, very few people in the industry now, that you’re hearing on the radio, make their money from their own hearts and minds. They make their money from singing the words of others, and so therefore the weight of something called Band Aid 2 would be incredibly slight.” Read more.

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