Blue Stars Turn Ex-Lovers Into Lesbians

News of the World reports stars Simon Webbe and Lee Ryan left two of their ex-girlfriends so upset with their behavior they’ve turned into a lesbian couple. Model Leanne Carr said Simon put her off men for life because he was “a callous rat” who just wanted her for sex, while Louise Glover was so traumatized by Lee’s “cruel jibes” about her body that she resorted to a boob job before becoming lovers with Leanne. “He had a Brazilian!” Glover revealed. “And he even admitted he’d had it done to make his manhood look a decent size! Lee has such a tiddler it would be a miracle if he gave a woman a good time. He can’t be more than five inches. But having a short back and sides downstairs isn’t going to fool anyone.”

Best Of Doesn’t Mean End Of For Blue

September 16, 2004 – With Blue releasing a best of album by year’s end, Radio 1 asked Duncan James if this meant the end of the British boy band. “It’s definitely not the end of Blue. We’ve got a tour coming out next year, March/April,” he insisted. “It is going to be a bit of a farewell tour in the sense that we’re going to be off the scene as Blue, as all four of us for a year. In that year we’re going to work on solo stuff. But also we’re going to work on doing another album. Me and the boys get on really, really well, there’s no problem in the camp there. The problem I think is that we really want to have a go at other stuff.”

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