Blue’s Antony Costa Buys Home For Ex And Daughter

The Mirror reports that though they are no longer a couple, Blue star Antony Costa is buying a $450,000 home in Wales for Lucy Bolster and their two-month-old daughter Emilie. He said, “Lucy’s really keen to move there and it’s a great place to bring up kids. I adore my daughter and see her whenever I can.”

Blue’s Antony Recovers From Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

April 14, 2004 – Antony Costa of Blue has revealed he was once gripped by an obsessive compulsive disorder. He admitted to Top of the Pops magazine, “If I’m in my mum and dad’s house on my own I hate it. I have to go around checking all the doors and windows. I even have to clean the toilet seat in a certain way.”

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