Blue’s Lee Ryan Goes On Bar Rampage Wearing A Bra

The Sun reports Blue singer Lee Ryan went into a drunken rampage after drinking super-strength absinthe, soaking a hotel’s deputy manager with a fire extinguisher and terrifying a 12-year-old girl.

“There was a mob of about 30 in the bar. Lee started to get really drunk and was screaming and rolling around on the floor,” a guest remarked. “He and Anthony then started running up and down the corridors and sprayed each other with fire extinguishers. One woman came out of her room saying she had a terrified 12-year-old who had been woken up by the commotion. The manager told Lee and Anthony to be quiet – and got drenched with the extinguisher.”

Lee Ryan’s Most Valuable Possession

In the latest issue of Sugar magazine, Blue star Lee Ryan reveals his most treasured possession is his troll. Lee claims: “Although I’ve got a Game Cube and a DVD player, the most important thing in my room is a troll called James.”

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3 thoughts on “Blue’s Lee Ryan Goes On Bar Rampage Wearing A Bra

  1. canazngirl says:

    of course it would be Lee and Ant. *roll eyes* I don’t expect much better from them…lol

  2. bluerule says:

    You should all shut up leave Blue alone people are causing way too much trouble bout just because they’re doing better than other bands you shouldn’t be so damn nasty about them

  3. canazngirl says:

    They are in fact one of my favorite bands. you really shouldn’t be so defensive…but I understand

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