BoA Gets Props From Her ‘Eat You Up’ Choreographers

MTV Iggy has just started a series of webisodes featuring BoA, with the first episode posted at the Korean pop singer’s MySpace TV channel.

is seen heading to the dance studio to rehearse for an upcoming performance. At the studio, Misha Gabriel and Nick Bass talked about working with BoA on choreography on the ‘Eat You Up’ video.

“She’s like the hardest worker,” Misha said. “She’s up there working with the dancers just as hard, sweating just as hard, and it shows. can hang with the best as far her singing ability and her dancing ability. She’s got a great look. All she needs is to get a plane ticket and come out here, and she’ll be so successful.”

The clip at MySpace can be viewed below.

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One thought on “BoA Gets Props From Her ‘Eat You Up’ Choreographers

  1. stacy says:

    didn’t kenny wormald choregraph as well? Give him some props!

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