Bobbie Jean Carter Arrested On DUI Count In Keys

The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reports Bobbie Jean Carter, the sister of Aaron Carter and Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, was arrested on a DUI charge after her car was spotted weaving across the Vaca Cut Bridge late Wednesday, deputies said. The 21-year-old hair stylist was rushed to Fisherman’s Hospital in Marathon after she began hyperventilating and was later taken to the Florida Highway Patrol DUI room where she was cited for DUI and following too closely. She was also issued a written warning for failure to carry registration and insurance, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Bobbie Jean Carter Arrested On DUI Count In Keys

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10 thoughts on “Bobbie Jean Carter Arrested On DUI Count In Keys

  1. Madfan says:

    Let the picture be a warning 2 Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera if they don’t mend their dirty way. Before you know it, we’ll be seeing, not scans from their CD booklets, but mugshots of either one of them…all because of erratic behavior. And you too, Mariah Carey…if you don’t stop giving us flops.

  2. Someone says:

    Why is this girl always in trouble? Her second arrest if I remember… I always thought she looks like a rebel of the society. She probably get it from Jane Carter.
    But anyway, I’m glad her brother is calm and he’s only been arrested because of a jealous cop.
    And please, don’t compare her to Christina. Even if she seems to be a dangerous girl, I have more respect for her than for Uglylera. I think Nick has already said that he has a sister named B.J who likes Britney Spears right? I don’t think so…
    Anyway, let’s what Stallion, the biggest Nick Carter and Backstreet Boys fan have to say about it.
    Talking about queer..

  3. Cicero says:

    Well, we should be glad she didn’t hit anyone, or seriously injure herself.

  4. Someone says:

    Yeah, but I still think something is strange in her actions ion general. She is good at getting involved in trouble. Maybe she should clam down a little.

  5. Jaggie says:

    this girl needs some serious help. she’s been arrested, like, three times in the last three years. and usually it involves her drinking or being high. she’s gonna end up either in rehab, prison, or dead.

    I dunno, I guess the police could have it in for the Carters, but I really think that Bobbie is out of control. I mean, she looks like she’s under the influence in her mugshot. I just hope she gets whatever help she needs.

  6. Smile says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that some members of the Florida Police Department do not like the Carters. Jealousy being the main reason because they are good people. So it’s hard telling what all really happened.

  7. willow84 says:

    didn’t Bobbie do something like this exactly a year ago?

  8. looker says:

    Just more evidence that the Carters are America’s most famous white trash family. What a bunch of Florida hillbillies,,,and what the hell type of Hee-Haw name is Bobbie Jean

  9. JTallnightlong says:

    “But anyway, I’m glad her brother is calm and has only been arrested because of a jealous cop” hahahahaha idiot, who would be jealous of Nick? maybe he got arrested for being so damn fat and trying to hit on the ladies. I would call a cop too, that’s disgusting. and how dare YOU say that white trash ho is better than Xtina? fyi: Christina is not the one getting arrested for stupid ***** that only a blonde like miss Carter would do. poor girl, she looks like she wants to kill herself. probably because of those horrendous sounds coming from her two brothers’ mouths.

  10. XTremeKaos says:

    BJ is the one Carter sister (besides Ginger) that people know the least about. She could be dealing with something that is leading her to things like this, not to mention the struggles between Bob and Jane would definitely have taken its toll of her. Nick is the oldest and has it pretty much together but BJ is second oldest and still living at home probably dealing with problems head on, not like Nick around the country/world every few days for something new. Just because she has got arrested and she’s related to someone famous doesn’t mean she’s just out partying getting drunk and being stupid. She could really have some serious problems that she’s trying to deal with. Come on people, why throw your common sense out the window. Don’t be stupid, think about it.

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