Bobby Trying To Make Up For Beating Whitney

A source close to Bobby Brown tells The New York Daily News the singer is trying to make amends with after being charged with battery for hitting her in an argument. The source said, “Whitney did something healthy. She called 911. It was a public cry for help.”

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4 thoughts on “Bobby Trying To Make Up For Beating Whitney

  1. estoyaqui54 says:

    Finally, Whitney is getting smart by calling 911.

  2. niceg says:

    Mental Mariah too did call the 911.

  3. getalifeyall says:

    Why does that make somebody smart for calling 911? She took him right back. She’s an idiot and I hope it happens again. Then when she gets stabbed repeatedly like Nicole Simpson and she calls 911 before she dies, you people will claim she’s a scholar.

  4. rangergirl says:

    ^Actually, it was Mariah’s mother who called 911.

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