Bodyguard Visits Lindsay Lohan At Promises

jumped into the arms of her bodyguard Jaz at Promises in Malibu on Friday (June 1). Pictures from have since been removed.

A Look Back At Lindsay Lohan’s Parents

Lindsay Lohan’s parents Dina and Michael have a very tumultuous past as a couple, one that almost undoubtedly has affected their four children. ‘Access Hollywood’ co-host Billy Bush looked back at the show’s past interviews with the pair. has since removed the video.

In Bizarre Party Poses With Knives

News of the World has obtained photos of at a house party just weeks before she was admitted to Promises, which show the 20-year-old in simulated poses with a knife with a woman who, not identified by the British tabloid, looks remarkably like ‘ET’ correspondent Vanessa Minnillo. A friend from Lohan’s inner circle told the tab: “On the first night she couldn’t stop crying. Since then she’s refused to follow the rules and keeps having hissy fits about people.” Read more, and check out pictures, from X17.

Update.. The other woman is indeed Vanessa.

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3 thoughts on “Bodyguard Visits Lindsay Lohan At Promises

  1. LoHung says:

    is really funny…she’ll be dead in a year

  2. hooker says:

    Ekkk, she’s not worth it. She flirts and tempts everyone which is not a good character, the beauty is there but she’s an easy lover. Well, you take that, Adam Levine and Wilmer Valderrama. Go rate Lindsay how good she was in bed, yikesss! After a man get what he wants, it’s also, goodbye forever. I swear to God, that will never happen to me, please. Never, over my dead body, not for anything else, please. Thank you!

  3. galleta says:

    Bodyguards…what about mommy and daddy? actually mommy and daddy probably need to go to Promises as well.

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