Boogaloo ‘Limbo Limbo’ Video Ft. Wiggy

Boogaloo ft. Wiggy - Limbo Limbo

Boogaloo are out with the video to their debut single ‘Limbo Limbo’, featuring Wiggy, released on All Around The World. Watch it below.

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5 thoughts on “Boogaloo ‘Limbo Limbo’ Video Ft. Wiggy

  1. kiri says:

    omg I am in it so much it was so fun
    say hi 2 Kelly and everyone else 4 me please
    lots of love Kiri
    p.s I love it

  2. jordan says:

    It was my first time being filmed and I had a fantastic day . I can only see my jumper in the video but it was still great fun!. Thanks to all the gang at popskool .

  3. leigh says:

    that was ace and my friend Kiri is on that WHOO GO KIRI

  4. maggie says:

    my girl Jess looks fab in it. The video is great lets get it to number 1 go limbo limbo

  5. anwen says:

    What’s the background track to this please? You know, the one with the sax’s playing? xo.

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