Bouncers Toss Mel C’s Boyfriend, No Questions Answered

The Mirror has more details on the trouble that occurred at Mel C’s 29th birthday party where boyfriend Thomas Starr was thrown out by bouncers. A partygoer at Manchester’s trendy Circle Club explained of the situation, “They didn’t ask any questions, he was just turfed out into the street. The bouncers didn’t give him time to ask what was happening and when Mel saw what was going on she went berserk. She ran upstairs and shouted about what was happening, but the door staff were not having any of it.” The two eventually reunited where the former Spice Girl gave her middle finger salute to photographers.

Mel C Picks An Reject

The Sun reports former Spice Girl Mel C’s comeback single, ‘Here It Comes Again’, was one rejected by Appleton. “Marius thought it was right up the Appletons’ street,” a Polydor insider said of the Marius De Vries produced track. “But they didn’t think it was strong enough to be one of their singles.” The single is set for a UK release on February 24th.

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