Boy Band Shares Lines With TV Show Staff

A blind item in The Mirror asks, “Which mixed pop band recently rolled up to a television show and shared their marching powder with production staff? They invited all the girls on set into their dressing-room where they knocked back drinks and racked up lines. Not surprisingly, it took the big stars a good few takes to get their footage right.”

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4 thoughts on “Boy Band Shares Lines With TV Show Staff

  1. Stallion says:

    Couldn’t be the Backstreet Boys because those TALENTLESS QUEERS are OVER!

  2. stalli0n says:

    ^^ dumbass obsessed *****. Unfortunately, everyone, Stallion is illiterate. It cannot comprehend, so do not dwell on the unfortunate stupidness that America is forced to be the home to. It cannot read into the line ‘mixed band’, implying either sexually mixed band (meaning girl/boy, for people like stallion), or racially mixed. It could be *NSYNC..I mean, Justin does THINK he’s black…

  3. Stallion says:

    If respecting and enjoying Hip Hop and r&B makes you black than go on ahead and call Justin a wigger.

  4. stalli0n says:

    I didn’t say that makes you black. Did I? Nope…You’re jumping to usual. Illiterate bitch.

    Lmao, that’s the ONLY word you know…So sad. You must be obsessed with me if you know so much about my lifestyle to call me a slut! ha ha…Stallion you are TOO funny. Thanks for giving me a good laugh everynight! You’re worth something!

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