Boy Band With Two Gay Members

Wednesday’s blind item in the Mirror asks, “Which pop band boasts two gay members who both claim they are happily in meaningful relationships with women? This pair have been hiding the secret of their sexuality for years and think nobody knows about their preference for males. One of the young men insists he is in a steady relationship with a female celeb, yet he is never with her at showbiz bashes. Nobody cares anyway boys.”

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11 thoughts on “Boy Band With Two Gay Members

  1. Jen says:

    I bet it is 98 degrees. Nick is in a “serious” relationship with Jessica Simpson, they are definitely a pop band, and they are nowhere near as popular as they used to be, so that would take care of the nobody cares part.

  2. ecstaticmc says:

    that’s really yucky!!! i think that’s from a1!!! just joking! really disgusting~!

  3. dancinggal says:

    Apparently you’ve NEVER been online since they are photographed ALL OVER the damn place together. PLUS I know it’s not him.

  4. No1Uknow says:

    I think it’s Nsync. One member I can think of from there is Chris. I always question him whenever I see them on TV, or whatever. I mean, he has a clothing line which you hear him promote more than, say P. Diddy, and his line of clothes. And he always says he has this great relationship with blah blah blah, but you never see him with a girl, and it’s always a different name. I dunno bout the other gay member…Maybe JC? He seems a lil iffy…But the boy can’t dress, LOL, so I guess he’s outta the question.

  5. DiVa4LiFe says:

    You have to think of a pop band who’s member is dating a female celeb. All I can think of is Justin dating Britney, and Nick Dating Jessica. I highly doubt that it’s true. And then it says he’s never with her at showbiz bashes, When Britney and Justin were together they went everywhere together, as well as Nick and Jessica.

    Chris in the past has been in a long relationship with Danielle Raabe, who now works with him on his clothing line, and he was recently dating one of Nsync’s dancers Michelle, but recently broke up. JC just got out of a long relationship with Bobbie Thomas and editor from J-14 Magazine, he always took her to events she clung to him like a leech, that’s why he probably dropped her, she hosts a show on E! called FYE!

  6. JSimpsonFan1 says:

    “yet he is never with her at showbiz bashes” That pretty much takes care of Jess and Nick. They’re photographed together all the time and rest assured for the most part, where you find Jess, you’ll find Nick and vise versa.

  7. LilMands82 says:

    I was going to say that….

    ANOTHER thing. He promotes the clothing line because that’s his other job…his side project. He doesn’t *design* the clothes himself although he does he helps with the men’s line. Chris shows up to events with girls when hes in relationships with them. Danielle went to alot of events with Chris and Michelle went to the Billboard Awards with him when they were dating- they aren’t dating anymore- which is why she doesn’t show up with him. The only one in the group in a “serious” relationship right now is Joey- and Kelly is spotted with him alot- they *do* have a daughter to take care of.

  8. dum_BLONDE says:

    god, can we say STALKER? next thing ya know she’ll be naming off what color their underwear is and their neuron count (which by my guess is slightly low).

    Okay what makes it his clothing line then? He just sticks his fu-chu or fuman or whatever-the-hell-you-call-it name on the tag it’s automatically HIS line? Sorry, but what a slacker. Technically if he doesn’t design the clothes, it’s not entirely *his* clothing line.

  9. JLBisMYman says:

    riiiiiiiiight, just because that girl knows a lot about nsync doesn’t make her a stalker, shes just really informed. and if you were an nsync fan, which it seems to me you aren’t, you would know that anyways because nsync fans know quite a bit about them, because i knew all that, but not like i’m on here saying it, but oh well. you just need to chill out girl.

  10. Dre says:

    ….oh no you didnt.

    Chris isn’t gay. I can say that. NO HE ISNT!!! ::gets mental image out of head::

    Now JC, thats another story.

    He’s gotta be bi or something. Because he is so SILLY! ::does hand wave::

  11. Jen says:

    As much as I dislike N’sync, I really don’t think it’s them ’cause this is a recent blind item and it says that one of the guys is dating a female celeb, and by now everybody knows that Britney and Justin are kaput. The only other pop group I can think of where one of the guys is dating a celebrity, is 98 degrees. Like I said before I think it’s them.

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