Boyband Member Opens Up About Homosexuality

This week’s blind item from Billy Masters at asks, “Could it be that a shy member of a certain boyband is opening up about his sexuality? Well, he’s sure as hell opening up – and to Billy Masters, no less! At a recent soiree, the sensitive TV-friendly popstar was chatting with a pal about the boyfriend he just broke up with when he said (and I can quote ’cause I was eavesdropping), ‘We weren’t compatible, since we were both power bottoms.’ I have to admit that even I was a little shocked and somewhat confused – where do you plug in a power bottom? Probably wherever you want! He told me that before they said goodbye, he and his ex shared a top who was an awesome lover – and he didn’t have to paint a picture for me to figure that one out. Who says romance is dead?” Many on the message board are concluding it’s Chad from the band, 2gether, as he’s known as the “shy one” and their hit was ‘Before We Say Goodbye.’

Who’s Not So Innocent On 16th B-Day?

November 28, 2001 – Shocking blind item in this week’s Star as they dish, “This pop-music queen may not be as innocent as she claims. There’s a NYC nightclub deejay who’s telling his friends he showed the young lady some of the ways of the world that are usually not discussed in public – when he worked her 16th birthday party not too long ago. And he swears he wasn’t her first!” Age and recently certainly narrows the mix, as well as someone who’s well known at 16. Britney Spears, Mandy Moore? Who do you think, or is the deejay just full of it?

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