Boyzone Perform On ‘Sunrise’, Interview On ‘The Morning Show’

dropped by Seven’s ‘Sunrise’ to perform and then ‘The Morning Show’ to do an interview in Sydney, Australia. The reunited boy band talked about the decision to reunite, realizing how much they missed each other when they got back together after eight years, how the original plans were to just take a year off, and their hopes to bring their tour to Australia. talked about how the internet has been the biggest change since their extended break.

“Downloads, that’s 50% of the market now for charts back in the UK and Ireland and a lot of Europe,” he said. “It’s totally changed the industry for us.” Ronan added that their fanbase has also changed. “Our fans have grown up, which is great. They’re the same age as us now, which is a big change for us. We really noticed that on the concert tour. We see familiar faces in the front row but they brought their kids with them, which is really mad.”

Watch their ‘Sunrise’ performance of ‘No Matter What’ at YouTube and check out the interview below.

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