Bozza Talks About His Interview With Eminem

Access Hollywood spoke with Rolling Stone’s Anthony Bozza about his interview with Eminem in the magazine’s new issue. On the subject of romances with Spice Girl or Kim Basinger, Slim denied any involvement. On rumors though, Bozza said, “There was a potential relationship going on, but Eminem said when he got to know her better, he didn’t like what he got to know.” Slim’s own words had him saying of Cary, “I just don’t like her as a person. I gotta be honest. I have respect for her, but she really doesn’t have it all together.” When he doesn find the right woman, does he plan on remarrying? “I would rather be on a coach flight with *NSYNC, at the back of the plane, in the last row, in them seats that don’t go back…” Slim said, rather than get hitched again.

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