Braless Posh Arrives In LA

Former Spice Girl was spotted arriving at LAX Airport on Saturday (April 28), with her breasts on nearly full display much to the delight of a pack of male paparazzi. Watch footage from TMZ below the cut. Check out pictures from X17, BigPictures, and TheSun.

Posh & Becks’ New Neighbor Not Happy

With news former Spice Girl and hubby David have picked out their new Beckingham Palace in Beverly Hills, her new next door neighbor tells The Mirror she’s not happy. “Oh my God. That’s terrible. This is a historic street. Why is she moving here,” Gill said while putting her hands to her face. “I heard she was looking at this place, but not in my worst nightmares did I think she’d go for it. I don’t believe it.”

The article at has since been removed.

Posh & Becks Ready To Buy Home Near TomKat

News of the World reports that the $30 million mansion former Spice Girl and husband David are interested in purchasing in Beverly Hills is nearby their good pals Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. “It’s been a long process trying to find the ideal home but this one ticks the most boxes,” a source close to the couple explained. “Despite the lavish gardens and incredible luxury it needs a bit of work but the fact that it is so close to Tom and Katie’s house is ideal for Victoria. If everything’s in order they’ll sign the paperwork. The work should be done by the time they are ready to move in.”

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One thought on “Braless Posh Arrives In LA

  1. amelita says:

    geez, those celebrities characters are calculated and so rehearsed. it’s not surprising why they are friends with ***** Leah Remini and real-life husband and wife, that not handsome Marc Anthony and his official wife number#2 rich but nasty Bronx ho waiting for tonight. Yikes, they’re all losers forever, they are using their fame and fortune to brainwash/mislead/sway the public which is not good. it’s too late losers, we can never bring back what had happened before so eat your words and live with misery forever. Scientologist is not even a religion it is a cult, my friend’s observation is absolutely true. thank you!

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