Michelle Branch To Use Mistaken Identity To Her Advantage

JoJo of KIIS FM caught up with Michelle Branch in Las Vegas ahead of the Radio Music Awards and asked the singer if she was going to do any gambling in the city. The 20-year-old responded, “I have… I am.. I have a year to go. Well I have until July.” JoJo wondered if she had some special pass that allowed her to, and Branch, who is often mistaken for her piano playing contemporary responded, “Well I think I’m going to go around and tell everyone I’m Vanessa Carlton so I can gamble.”

Vanessa Carlton ‘Be Not Nobody’ Review

October 20, 2003 – This is a very interesting album. It combines pop with Classical music. I think that it works. Vanessa doesn’t have a great voice,but the music makes up for that. “Sway” is worth the price of the album alone. Other standout tracks are “Wanted”, “Ordinary Day”, “A Thousand Miles”, and ” Rinse”. Her cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black”as unnecessary because she adds nothing to it. Also, there is some filler. Overall, I enjoyed the album. It’s good to chill out to.

Reviewer: Nikkia Davis

New Clues From Vanessa Carlton On Upcoming Album

October 16, 2003 – Following a article in RollingStone.com that Vanessa Carlton was going goth on her next album, the singer reassured fans that wasn’t the case on her official website. Carlton said, “I just thought that article didn’t quite capture what I was trying to say. You all deserve the crystal clear facts. Cuz I love ya. Rolling Stone failed to mention the Cure sounds that I’ve been toying with, along with a jammin’ booty rockin’ song called ‘Private Radio’. There are dark themes and creepy sounding strings (you guys should here ‘She Floats’!), but I’m not writing an industrial record and though I love NIN, Wiccan culture (it’s rad), and corsets, I am not a descendent of a Germanic tribe. My advice, ignore the press ’til you have the record.”

Vanessa Carlton Goes Dark On New LP

October 12, 2003 – Vanessa tells Rollingstone.com that the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Be Not Nobody’ will have a decidedly Goth feel to it. She said, “I’m singing about suicide, insomnia, and paranoia. There’s nothing piano recital-y about it. It’s Goth.” Carlton says that now that she’s 23 years old, she thinks she’s “more evolved and more secure,” adding ,”I’m beyond the diary-confessional chapter of my writing. It can get a bit heavy, but it’s kind of tongue-in-cheek at times, and it’s not so end-of-the-world.”

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