Breaking Down The Validity Of Lindsay Lohan’s ‘3’ Myspace

UPDATE: Why I now believe the account is an imposter.

There have been some who have questioned the validity of ’s, especially on another popular blog. Let me try to break down why I’m nearly certain it is real. In Lindsay’s top eight is designer Jeremy Scott, who has her in his top friends list in turn in his MySpace. In Jeremy’s pictures section (MySpace account required to view), there are candids with multiple celebs, including of him and Lindsay.

Then you have Jason Preston, boyfriend of designer Marc Jacobs, who’s extensively at Buzznet with pictures of the alleged items. Why would Lindsay add them as friends? Who knows, she may like her critics, as her continued friendship with Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis post “Firecrotch” would suggest.

Yes, there are and private myspaces with most (ie. her twin sister Samantha Ronson and Nicole Richie) linking to the “jr” account with Lindsay linked in the full name (where the Charlotte has posted to Lindsay’s MySpace), and in theory, she could be an imposter. But the more logical explanation is that someone was cyber-squatting on her MySpace name and when she was able to get it, she now uses charlotteronson rather than charlottejr, but maintains both accounts. You otherwise would have to imagine the luck of a supposed Lindsay imposter who was fortunate enough to find that the twin sister of her best friend’s MySpace name was somehow conveniently available for he/she to obtain and carry out this grand conspiracy… I think not.

Additionally, Lindsay’s best pal Samantha Ronson’s MySpace (@samantharonson) has the top friend Slick Rubin (@slickrubin), who she specifically blogged about on Friday. Slick Rubin is another who posted on the Lindsay MySpace on June 1st.

So by combining all of this circular information which validates a real account, the evidence by far suggests that the account is authentic. Is it possible this person conned all these others even getting those who aren’t really celebs, many with private accounts, and many seem to know her very well, to accept her and put her in their top friends list and post to her account in some instances? It seems highly unlikely. It would seem the larger conspiracy would be an imposter or groupings of imposters who managed to correctly jump through every hoop to create this MySpace identity.

Update: There are some creating fake Lindsay MySpace accounts to exploit this situation below:**

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