Breast Implants From God?

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website has posted an excerpt from ELLE magazine where Lene Nystrom from Aqua fame discusses her recent breast implants. When asked about why she talks so openly about her breast surgery, Lene replied: “What do you think I should do? Should I deny that I had breast surgery? Or, like Britney Spears, say that I got them from God?”

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9 thoughts on “Breast Implants From God?

  1. christinacopp says:

    I just wanted to comment about the whole Britney implants thing, we see lots of pictures of her without a bra, and we know that gravity moves in, and proves she doesn’t have implants, but anyone noticed in Christina’s newest videos…there’s someone who’s boobs went from normal to huge…and when she lays down at the end of the video, her boobs don’t!!! I think it’s funny how no one has pointed that out yet!

  2. Christinacopp says:

    Britney is an idiot anyway, I can’t stand that woman. I never thought she had any talent to start off with. She can’t sing for sh**! Her life is a mess and she is down right stupid and irresponsible. Those boys need some stability, and she definitely is not it!

  3. ballersfantasy says:

    First of all, this girl is pathetic. Anyways, Britney HAD implants, but I never recall her saying she “got them from God.” Brit took hers out though. Yes, Christina does have them its obvious. Look at her before/after pics. As for Brit, here are her before after pics: Here’s a recent one of her. I’m not too sure when she took them out, but as you can see they are much smaller now.

  4. MeAgainstTheMusic says:

    LMAO. the 1st link is to a FUNNY celebrity picture site. the last pic is doctored.

    If you haven’t read it before, here is a theory including pictures written by World of Britney, about Britney’s alleged Breast implants.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    ^ Okay, Ruben is a Britney worshiper. Of course he’s gonna make her look good despite him saying in the intro. he wasn’t trying to prove she doesn’t have them because he’s a fan. I love Brit myself, but I’m not gonna deny the fact that she’s never had implants. It’s obvious. I understand the theory of weight gain, puberty and push-up bras. But Brit has been seen around and performed many times without bras, and yet she maintains to keep a perfect round shape. No human without implants can keep their boobs in a nice round shape braless. It is possible that she had them before and had them taken out, isn’t it? Why isn’t that one of his theories?

  6. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Britney is the girl who fakes everything. She needs a brain transplant though and sex organ transplant because I heard hers is already rotted because of too much f**k

  7. babet says:

    who in the hell would think that Britney doesn’t have breast implants….its so obvious.

  8. GymnastDude182 says:

    wasn’t this girl from aqua singing about barbie girl, and how she’s plastic…yea look whose talking

  9. hellahooked says:

    what the hell? Who does this idiot think she is? She never said she got them from god anyways, she said she had a growth spurt. So Lene’s Barbie days are over and turned into a slut!

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