Brian And Leighanne Adjusting To Being Parents

Contributed by elgato1019_1:

’s wife Leighanne recently told her fansites, “Wow, parenting is amazing, and thank the Heavenly Father, going great. Our first two babies (Tyk and Litty) are doing exceptionally well. They are wonderful dogs, just didn’t know if having Baylee, we would see the dogs compete against him for our attention. Tyk, especially each time Baylee cries he is running to make sure he is okay. We have to fight to keep Tyk out of the bassinet. He just wants to cuddle with his new little brother. Trying to teach him that it is a NO NO! At first Litty was a little intimidated by Baylee, but has since warmed up to him being around. Our first few night’s having Baylee home was an amazing adjusting period in our life. Things are normally so hectic and so grueling that normally when we go to sleep we are out until we are forced to wake up. No more of that. Baylee is a wonderful baby, has us awake about every three to four hours. Brian is wonderful, he is up about every hour on the hour, just to check on him.”

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