Brian Littrell Working On Solo Album

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Backstreet Boys star Brian Littrell, along with wife Leighanne and son Bailey, called into the Atlanta radio station Star 94 FM this morning. Brian told the DJs that, as we all know, BSB is on hiatus this year and that he and Leighanne will be hosting the Atlanta Grammy’s ‘Heroes Awards’ on June 5th. He talked about fatherhood and joked that he used to burp and now he burps Bailey. But Brian dropped a bomb when he announced that he is working on a solo album that will be a mixture of pop and gospel music. The DJs then invited Brian to attend the station’s ‘On The Bricks’ concert series this summer. Brian expressed interest. His fellow Backstreeters are also engaged in solo projects during the groups hiatus: Nick Carter is working on his second solo album. is considering doing a piano-based Jazz album. is getting ready to release his first solo album this Christmas. And all the members are encouraging AJ McLean to showcase his solo work. Brian said the Backstreet Boys will get back in the studio in early winter. Audio has since been removed.

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