Brian McFadden Blasts ‘Disgusting’ Ex-Wife Kerry Katona

is lashing out at his ex-wife Kerry Katona in an interview with News of the World, outraged by her claim that a late return by their two daughters Molly and Lilly-Sue from a visit to Brian and his fiance in Australia triggered anxiety which brought on the premature birth of her fourth child Max. A shocking claim in the face of Katona’s cocaine abuse, alcohol addiction, and smoking during her pregnancy. “Kerry is a disgusting human being,” the former star fumed. “She manipulates people and plays the sympathy card for every stupid mistake she makes. Me and my family have been put through hell by her stupid games. She uses my two girls as a weapon in her childish games. She is an embarrassment to me, my family and my children.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

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