Brian McFadden Excited For ‘Set In Stone’ Release

Former star checked in with his MySpace friends (@brianmcfadden) on Thursday (April 24) following the release of his second solo album ‘Set in Stone’ with the following bulletin:

Hi all,

Well just wanted to say a big thanks for supporting my single – been grand getting out and about around Australia meeting everyone!

My album is finally out this week and I’m so excited that you all get to hear my songs – I guess now its your turn to take the album off me and enjoy it! I had an awesome time making it so I hope it gives you all the same enjoyment listening to it..

Thanks again – I really sincerely can’t thank you enough.


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One thought on “Brian McFadden Excited For ‘Set In Stone’ Release

  1. Julie says:

    I think Brian Mcfadden has one of the nicest voices to listen to!! I live in Arizona in the United States and I can’t believe that I can’t download set in stone on I tunes here. I wish more Americans heard his albums because he would be HUGE over here. His lyrics have so much emotion and events that happen in a lot of our lives and when you listen to Brian’s lyrics you can sympathize. He is an amazing singer and song writer. I am very big into music and always have been, I listen to a wide range and most artists I buy certain songs but not the whole album because not every song is great. I bought the whole album of Brian’s becasue it was amazing. I love sorry love daddy and all the rest on the album. I think the song he wrote for Delta is the most beautiful love song I have ever heard. What a darling couple they make. I wish them both all the happiness in the world.

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