Brian McFadden’s Ex Blasts Child Custody Threat

Kerry Katona is hitting back at former hubby after he threatened to get custody of their two children – Molly, 5, and Lilly-Sue, 4. Their latest battle stems from drug dealer Leighton Ogden’s claim in News of the World that Kerry was more concerned about drugs than her daughters. “It’s a shame Brian is so desperate that he has to use me and the children for coverage,” Katona alleged to The Sun. “The last time he did this the social services came round and gave me a clean bill of health. Brian is never around. He hasn’t been for years. If it helps resurrect his career that died long ago then I wish him all the luck in the world. He said it before but he never followed it up. I’m sure in six months time he’ll say it again.” She added: “These stories are nonsense. I just hope he manages to get a hit record so he can stop all this.”

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