Brian Says Backstreet Boys Are On Same Wave Length Now

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Kentucky TV Station WKYT recently did a sit-down interview with Brian Littrell. Interviewer Dave Baker says, “It’s been more than a year since the have been on stage and Brian’s life has changed plenty. He and his wife, Leighanne, are the proud parents of a 12 week old son, Baylee. Thier living the life of quiet and everyday parents far away from the bright lights and big cities.” Brian tells Baker he plans on putting a studio in his house saying, “There’s plans for that in the future. Um because I have so many ideas that I’m constantly ya know, tryin to work on for um the future success of the group…” He also expresses his wish to do a Gospel album some day. On the subject of the Backstreet Boys, Brian explains how, as teenagers, they all understood each other as teenagers. But as each one of them grew over the years, they had to get “back to understanding each other as grown men…But, it’s good to be on the same wave length now, ’cause I think it makes our music better.” Before the interview, Brian was in Los Angeles gathering producers for the new Backstreet Boys album. Read on for the full transcript.

Sam Dick (reporter): Well, when you do a google internet search and type in the name Brian Littrell, you will find over 39 thousand matches! That’s how big Lexington’s own Backstreet Boy has become. But, as Dave Baker found in this exculsive visit Littrell’s fame has not changed this hometown hero

Brian Littrell: My mom gave me a quote when I was 18 and left home, she said, “You can get your feet wet, just don’t drown.” And I’ve carried that with me for ten years now :laughs:

Dave Baker: Long before Backstreet Boys sold millions of CDs and became international heart throbs Brian Littrell developed a love of singing just like the imcomperable Elvis. And like so many of us Littrell’s first performing memories come from a Sunday morning in church.

Brian Littrell: As a child I went to Rosemont Baptist Church. I started going to Porter Memorial uh, in my teenage years singing in the chior and chorus.

Dave Baker: That kinda grounding was crusial to survive the ride the Boys were about to take. Thier sucess began in Europe in the mid 90’s and came across the pond to the states. 1999 gives you an idea in what these Boys were swept up in. “I Want It That Way” was #1 in the charts and the album Millennium sold 2 million copies in just over 3 weeks.

Brian Littrell: Later on in life with, with my chances of traveling and the things I’ve gotten to see and do in this world uh, has been amazing. It’s been such an experience.

Dave Baker: That year the Backstreet Boys also had their most successful tour. The Hollywood reporter, reported that all 39 dates sold out in just hours that’s 765,000, for a total of 30 million dollars. Among the stops on the tour, Rupp Arena in Lexington.

Brian Littrell: The most outstanding moments for me was standing in Rupp Arena in Lexington and performing on stage to a sold out crowd and doing that two nights in a row was (Dave: oh yeah) was ya know that was the Millenium tour and, and it was just uh, an amazing feeling I always told my mom, “I’m going to play in Rupp Arena” .. :short pause: I ment on the hard wood! I wanted to be a Kentucky Wildcat. :laughs: I ended up playing in Rupp Arena so just a different kind of floor. :laughs:

Dave Baker: It’s been more than a year since the Backstreet Boys has been on stage and Brian’s life has changed plenty. He and his wife, Leighanne, are the proud parents of a 12 week old son, Baylee. Thier living the life of quiet and everyday parents far away from the bright lights and big cities.

Brian Littrell: My wife grew up in Marietta, Georgia and um so that’s why she brought me home to um to Atlanta. We saw this place in the dead of winter. There wasn’t a leaf on a tree and it was the ugliest it could’ve ever looked and it was beautiful then.

Dave Baker: Even though so much has happened Brian still keeps up on the place he calls home. Helping out on community projects, cheering for the Wildcats, and believe it or not getting ready for his high school runion.

Brian Littrell: Getting ready to go back uh, for my 10 year runion. So, I’m uh :starts craking up: I’ll see how everybody did :laughs harder:

Dave Baker: Are you going to have to wear one of those name tags?

Brian Littrell: :laughs: Hi :laughs: I’m :hehehe: Brian :hahahha: I don’t know :haha: I would hope I wouldn’t have to. But, ya know I’ll try to remember everybody elses name. It’s funny how everybody knows mine.

Sam Dick: And that they do. Tonight at 11 on News First, news about the future of the Backstreet Boys and how Littrell is giving his time and energy to help his Kentucky fans. We hope you’ll tune in for that coming up at 11.

Sam Dick: .. The world didn’t find out about it ’til the Backstreet Boys became internatinal super stars. Tonight Dave Baker tells us much has changed for Brian Littrell. But, not his desire to give back to the place he calls home.

Dave Baker: It’s been a year and a half since the Backstreet Boys were last on stage and now Brian Littrell and his family are trying to lead a normal life.

Brian Littrell: When you come into my home in Atlanta ya know, you don’t find Backstreet Boys paraphernalia and records and things like that. Because ya know, that’s my work and I try not to bring that home so.

Dave Baker: So, you’re not one of those people who have a home studio? ‘Cause you certainly could here.

Brian Littrell: Well, well, we’re working on it. We’re working on it (Dave: Cool) There’s plans for that in the future. Um because I have so many ideas that I’m constantly ya know, tryin to work on for um the future sucess of the group and the sucess for me as an individual as well.

Dave Baker: As a person Littrell hasn’t changed but lots around him has. First, from a musical stand point no longer these guys a “boyband.”

Brian Littrell: Well, I think from the beginning we understand, we understood as a group what we wanted , what we wanted to accomplish. I think everyone had the same goal. Later on in life ya know, everybody has their own opinions and you go through phases, where not everybody gets along and everything wasn’t perfect all the time. But that’s real life, ya know, kids realize that once they grow up and they deal with their friends as adults. Ya know, life changes and now we’re, we’re just now, I think, getting back to understanding each other as grown men. Because we understood each other as kids, we were teenagers when we did this. And um life has changed a lot for all of us so. But, it’s good to be on the same wave length now, ’cause I think it makes our music better.

Dave Baker: And away from the bright lights Littrell and his wife, Leighanne, are adjusting to being new parents.

Brian Littrell: Looking at my son is completly different. Ya know, my life has changed a lot in the past three months. Um I’m, I’m fortunate ya know there’s things that happen in my life in particular that always keep my feet on the ground and having a son is definatly one of those.

Dave Baker: Just last week Littrell, was involved in meetings with producers out in Los Angeles possibly about getting back in the studio with the rest of the Boys. Wither or not that works out or not Littrell has had some very definate ideas about what he would like to do if he ever ventured out on his own,

Brian Littrell: Ya know, every chance I get I mention gospel music, what I grew up singing ya know? That’s something I would like to do a gospel kinda record (Dave: Really?) so go back my roots.

Dave Baker: Our converstaion with Brian took place because his willingness to be the spokesperson for this years project prom/ project graduation program sponsered by The Mault Beverage Education Corrperation. Brian will be getting the message out all across the Commonwealth that underage drinking is not cool.

Brian Littrell: (Public Service Annoncement commercial) You’ve got your whole life ahead of you so stay cool and stay away from drinking until you’re 21.

Dave Baker: No matter what he does in his public life, this hometown hero just has one goal in mind, making those he loves his #1 fans.

Brian Littrell: I love being home, I’m a homebody, come in lay my head down, hang my hat at the door. I’m just a dad, that’s all I am :laughs:

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