Bridgit Mendler Talks Fugees Influence On ‘Ready Or Not’

Bridgit Mendler talks about 'Ready Or Not'

sat down with VEVO Lift to talk about a track from her debut album ‘Hello My Name Is…’ entitled ‘Ready Or Not’. The actress turned pop artist talked about the message behind the song, how it was influenced by the Fugees track of the same name, and her songwriting process.

“‘Ready Or Not’ was meant to be a girl empowering song,” the singer songwriter explained. “I consider myself to be that girl sitting at the curb waiting for the world, so I think it’s a great message to send to just go for the things that you want to take charge of.”

On the track’s influence, she said, “One of the writers was like ‘Check out this Fugees song, ‘Ready or Not’. So we all listened to it and were like that would be kind of fun to do some sort of interpolation off of that song, which is what we did. I think it stands by itself as its own song but it still has that memorable quality of the Fugees song, which is I think we were all really proud of it and hoping it will go far.”

Discussing her songwriting process, Bridgit said, “I think the fear when writing a song always that the outside world won’t think it’s as awesome as you do. That’s the scary part about progressing through releasing the song, and also the fun part in sharing it with other people. Making the music video was so much fun, and getting to add a whole new dimension to the song and bring myself to the song, so that was great. Then having it released and having other people hear it and seeing a few covers on YouTube of other people performing the song, seeing that they’ve taken it on as something for themselves, and performing it in concert and sharing that experience with all of these people, it goes from being something that’s very much for me and for the other writers who wrote with me, into being something that’s for everybody else. That’s what performing is. You’re giving it to everyone else. I think that that’s really cool, it’s also super trippy, because you’d never think this thing that you created in a small room with four other people would be something you’d get to share with so many people.”

Watch the clip via YouTube below.

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