British Singer David Jordan Dead Or A Hacker’s Sick Prank?

David Jordan

A message posted at David Jordan’s MySpace (@davidjordanofficial) on Thursday (March 25) suggests that the 24-year-old British pop singer has died, though the information seems dubious since the brief message doesn’t come from someone identified themself. The message says:

R.I.P sweet prince
r.i.p David

he perished last night, cause of death is still unknown

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3 thoughts on “British Singer David Jordan Dead Or A Hacker’s Sick Prank?

  1. Draco says:

    is he really dead or what? I wanna know…. because a friend of mine is concerned about this and personally I would like to know myself how the hell someone that young died…. so please if anyone can please let me in on this so I may relay the message to my concerned friend. thanks…

  2. Kyle Macleod says:

    Don’t mean to sound harsh but life’s incredibly frail and he could’ve died of many things. Age is completely irrelevant. I doubt very much that this is a prank, surely someone would be claiming otherwise so don’t get your hopes up. Sorry.

  3. BigChick says:

    This is a wrong joke.
    He’s going to come back:
    By ticket! :)))

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