Britney And Christina Labeled ‘Disgusting Role Models’

Randi Cardia, who lives in Manhattan and has two teenage daughters, described to the New York Times a majority of the clothes offered for them as “hooker wear.”

She fumed, “There are a lot of us out there that are just appalled that someone hasn’t taken a stand.” The “stand” she refers to is a stand against what she called “disgusting role models” like and Christina Aguilera.

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13 thoughts on “Britney And Christina Labeled ‘Disgusting Role Models’

  1. LadyBugg says:

    Britney and Christina are adults. Rich adults at that … they can wear whatever their respective bank accounts will allow. Cardia needs to focus on being a role model herself for her two daughters. I agree that 12 year-olds should not prance around with pierced navels and tube tops … Britney and Christina are far from 12. Mom, put your energy into your own backyard. Your kids need your attention more than America’s Pop Princesses do.

  2. perfectly-imperfect says:

    First off, neither Britney or Christina have ever called themselves ‘role models’. Secondly, Britney and Christina are over the age of 21 and are allowed to wear whatever the f**k they please. It’s pathetic that parents can’t even control the way their children dress. I’m 16 and I enjoy wearing clothes similar to what Britney and Christina wear but it doesn’t make me a bad person. Some parents try to shelter their children from everything when what they really need to do is stop looking for someone to blame and take a better look at their parenting skills.

  3. hotstuff says:

    ^^exactly. and here we go again, the parents placing the blame on the popstars. how many times have we seen this act b-4? a pissed off parent blaming every bad outfit choice their child makes (ie tube tops, tank tops, navel piercings) on those who wear those and have those things like Brit/Xtina. That’s pretty much an insult to your kid ya know and to yourself because what ur saying is that you don’t trust that you’ve done a good enough job in raising them and that their way 2 naive to tell the difference by the way whats appropriate and whats not. Have a little faith in your kids, allow them to make mistakes and F.Y.I. Britney/Christina are not 12 anymore, both are legal to drink, to drive etc. meaning their young adults.

  4. OohSexxy says:

    I agree with you in this case I think its the parent’s job to step in and do their job as parents, they’re placing the blame on popstars but like you said Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears aren’t 12 anymore so they have a right to dress the way they want maybe they’re doing this to target the older crowd now, and besides Hillary Duff is a good role model now for the younger crowd until she turns 18 that is ;)

  5. Tig says:

    Christina and Britney: When they are not on stage, dress like any other 21-25 year old, with there half-shirts, sexy lil shortes, showing off their nice ass*s. So get over it. Ya, now it’s the haters like this “Thing”, who hate on these young girls for embracing their sex-appeals. Neither is pregnant, cheating on there husbands (by being engaged while still married–J LO), Doing Sex Books, posing nude, giving STD’s, or in the Drug clinic, so they dress Sexy, Madonna has done it for 25 years and she’s labeled an icon. This is 2003. hmmmm, so why isn’t D’Angelo or Justin, labeled a slut for their sexy Video’s or 1/2 naked Rolling Stone covers?…is this a double standard?

  6. TheWad says:

    what a dumb comment you made, seriously you are probably the most stupidest person in here. her mom isn’t exactly an ideal role model. its normal for young girls to have a famous role model, and the lady was saying that its a shame that Britney and Christina have to wear things so trashy. because they are role models. you don’t see young girls trying to look like they’re moms do you. no its cause they aren’t role models. I agree with her, Britney and Christina have a very negative influence on what girls should be wearing. I know Britney and Christina are not 12, but they influence girls who are 12. more so of an influence on them than anyone else. and about the mom giving the kids more attention. who are you to say that. you don’t know this women or what goes on in her home. if she’s that concerned about what her daughter wears obviously she is doing a good job mothering. And also the pop princesses need the girls attention more so then the daughters. cause if they didn’t have it, they would be nothing.

  7. annita says:

    I don’t like it much either… I mean I don’t think I would like to see my daughters dressing provocative at a young age. But the world HAS changed and there is nothing one can do but bestow morals to our children. To each his own, I say. It’s probably a big shock to parents who grew up in a time where a skirt above the knee was indecent. p.s. I’M NOT A MOM, I’m a martial art’s instructor & I consider the kids in my class like my children. just in case I have said things before that made some think I had children ^ ^ ^ (i.e.: babetsux, myloveislikewo, merchant. I’ll get back to your p.m’s in a bit.)

  8. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Stores wouldn’t sell it if nobody bought it. Parents need to learn to say no to their kids, and not let them buy the skanky clothes, or even the albums… but most parents are too spineless to stand up to their kiddies.

  9. grace_04 says:

    I think that both Christina and Britney have grown up a little now. They can do what they want, but should still watch out for what they wear or do because many girls look at them as their role models.

  10. Brentwood_Babe says:

    You said it! If you don’t want your kid looking like their skanky idol…..’, ‘then don’t let them dress like them. Have a backbone and say no to your kid. All kids use the “but everyone wears this stuff” excuse, but you don’t have to pay for it. I’m not talking about older teens. They’re nearly adults. I’m talking about the 8-12 year old group. It’s just wrong for them to prance around in some of the things they do. My 9 year old niece wants to wear thongs even, and I don’t mean the ones on your feet. It’s just plain nasty. Dressing sexy and being that young are not a good combo, I don’t care how fashionable the clothes are. If the parents don’t buy the clothes, the little ones don’t wear them. If the kids don’t wear them, then the clothes companies come out with different stuff the next season. They’re not gonna push fashions no one will buy and someone’s buying the hoochie look for the under 12 group. A lot of someones.

  11. blondeambiti0n says:

    Yes, whether Britney and Christina like it or not, they ARE role models to these young girls, and while they should be able to wear what they want, they need to choose their clothing choices wisely. I say let them wear anything they want when they are out doing their own thing, but when they are at an event that will broadcasted on national television, it needs to be toned down. And something else that really bugs me, why do all these popstars use the “Oh I am growing up/getting older” excuse to wear the sluttier clothing? Last time I checked, wearing slutty clothing wasn’t a sign of maturity. They would show more maturity by covering up and not feeling the need to flaunt their assets everywhere, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be covering up anytime soon so I guess the parents just have to deal with it.

  12. HoneyRain says:

    damn I’m so tired of hearing about all these “disgusted” stupid parents who can’t control their kids blaming the entertainers for their kids’ behavior. the parent should be able to regulate their kids’ actions and if they can’t.. that’s their damn fault.. not Britney or Christina’s.. how hard is it to control a 6 year old? a teenager is harder to deal with but if you can’t keep a child under 13 in line.. you deserve to be slapped and kicked in the butt

  13. Brentwood_Babe says:

    When you’re a celeb, you’re automatically SOMEONE’S role model. No, Britney & Christina did not set out to be anyone’s role model, but there are kids who do think they are. But the blame is not entirely on the celeb. There are idiot parents who’ll get their kids anything to make them happy, and if that means hoochie wear for their 10 year old, then they’ll do it. Many parents just don’t think. They see it in the stores, the kids whine for it, they buy it. Granted, parents have it tough these days with clothes and they want their kids to fit in at school and in social circles, but they need to draw the line and get some backbone. A simple “no, you’re not wearing that,” will do for the younger kids. Why is that so hard?

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