Britney Spears And Jennifer Lopez Need Help

Contributed anonymously: Even though Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez are so different, they both got one thing in common; They need help! These two can’t leave without constant public attention. They will even stoop as low as using holy matrimony to get their fifteen minutes of fame. I find this kind of behavior immoral and disrespectful. They have no shame or dignity. These two have pulled every stunt in the book to put themselves in spotlight; From bazaar weddings to lesbian kissing to masturbation on stage, it seems there’s nothing these two won’t do for attention.

It seems that Britney allowed her body to be a “media grabber”. Every time she needs attention she just simply removes a piece of her clothing and gets the needed “dose”. Right now she got herself enough attention, and that’s why Playboy is her last option, left for the “worse times”.

As for J.Lo, it seems that weddings have become her favorite activity. It’s like a yearly routine for her now. Weddings seem to work the best in terms of bringing lots of media coverage. The “Bennifer” thing lasted for a whole year, leaving everyone nauseated with the amount of media attention it got. And all of this just to be replaced by Marc craze in five months. I find it very hard to believe that one can love so many in such short period of time. The only explanation I could find for such irrational behavior is: another publicity stunt.

These ladies seem to be in some kind of competition, as to who will occupy the spotlight the most. The“55 hour marriage” by Britney Spears seemed to take attention away from “Bennifer” for a while. It topped the news for a couple of weeks, being a number one topic. Only a fool didn’t see that it was a publicity stunt like no other. It was a brilliant move on Britney’s part, just like the kiss with Madonna.

But it’s kind of disturbing that someone would go through such lengths and do such low things only to be talked about by others. It makes one wonder, why they do it? Some may say that it’s a substitute for their lack of talent or a promotion trick. Well, I won’t argue with that, but I think it’s more of a personal thing for these two. May be by receiving attention from others they try to compensate their insecurities and fears. Only a truly “sick” person would want to be a center of such massive attention.

What they don’t realize though is that one day it will all be gone. In a few years no one will give a damn about Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez, and then what? They will end up being miserable and “lonely”. And that why I say ‘Britney and J.Lo need help’!

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