Britney And Kevin = Sid And Nancy?

Contributed by XtinaFan:

For all the teenyboppers here that don’t know who Sid and Nancy are, they were an infamous punk (REAL punk, not the poser /Blink 182/Good Charlotte garbage) couple that had a destructive relationship in the late 1970’s that ultimately killed them both. There’s probably a couple of people here (at the most) who know Sid and Nancy’s story, and I’m going to explain it briefly because I see a lot of the similar traits in it as Kevin Federline’s and Britney Spears’ relationship.

Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and groupie/prostitute/junkie Nancy Spungen were two people that never should have met, according to Sid’s mum. Sid (which I see as Britney) wasn’t that much of a bad guy before he met Nancy. When he met her, she brought the bad things out of him. They became inseparable. She got him addicted to heroin (she was already on it). They almost got married. It ended with her dead, and him overdosing on heroin and dying months later. They couldn’t live without each other. Sid tried to kill himself after she died. He said he couldn’t live without Nancy.

Now, the people that are probably reading this are thinking…what? Are you saying and Kevin Federline are heroin addicts that are going to end up dead?

No, I’m not saying that at all. But look at Britney’s behavior the past two months. Has Kevin brought out any good out of her?

About three or four months ago, before she met Kevin, I stopped seeing pictures of her smoking. I thought that she was quitting. That went on for a couple of months. She seemed to be getting cleaned up. And the first picture that I saw of Britney and Kevin? It was one of them both smoking.

They are inseparable. Kevin frequently flies out to visit Britney, and vice versa. All the pictures I see of Britney, 99 percent of them are with Kevin. Most of those pictures are pictures of them smoking.

They are getting married, even though they’ve only been dating for two months. Are drugs involved, like Sid and Nancy? Maybe not, maybe they’re just planning to get married like Sid and Nancy because they are addicted to each other.

There is also a rumor going around that they have been smoking pot.

What I was really stunned by, was when I read the interview with Britney where she said all her loves in the past have been puppy love, and this is deeper. What about Justin Timberlake? Now that was true love, and I think anyone could see that. They weren’t crazy with each other, doing drugs and getting married. They were truly in love. It makes me kind of sad to see Britney say that, because what she has with Kevin is not love.

Like Sid and Nancy, Britney and Kevin are just two people that have similar problems. And when they meet, all those problems come to surface. A really unhealthy relationship. Britney confuses lust with love. It will make Britney self-destructive just like Sid became self-destructive. I don’t think they can become as extreme as Sid and Nancy, but I still don’t think their relationship is healthy and I think it will only harm Britney in the longer run.

Instead of finding some guy (possibly a gold-digger too) to help her with her problems (because Kevin just causes more problems), I think Britney should get some therapy.

And like someone once said, “Get back to basics”.

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