Britney And Kevin’s $5 Million Loan Mystery

The National Enquirer reports that and husband Kevin Federline have borrowed $5 million in May against their Malibu, California mansion. Rumors are swirling that the couple are in a cash crisis while pregnant Britney’s career is on hold. Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Britney And Kevin’s $5 Million Loan Mystery

  1. shunny says:

    I was just watching t.v. over the weekend and someone else was reporting she was worth 100 million.make up your mind.they build you up to tear you down.

  2. astrange1 says:

    Both could actully be somewhat right. A star might be worth $100 million but if most of that is real estate and luxury items (cars, jewelry), they can have cash flow issues. The aforementioned items take time to liquidate and they might need cash in the meantime.

  3. ajbswimmer08 says:

    if she was in a financial crisis, she would have sold some of her other real estate! She just made $2million for the cover of ELLE in October and made $20million for CURIOUS… I think Britney is sitting pretty right now

  4. Michelle13105 says:

    this is what happens when kevins bad and Britney cuts off his weekly pay.

  5. ajbswimmer08 says:

    False! If you guys believe the National Enquirer you are stupider than you sound! This is a magazine that said there is a girl that is half dog half human, that said micheal jackson has clones of himself, and that said Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan were sleeping with each other!

  6. fandango says:

    for now, she might be – but that can change overnight’, ‘there are tons of celebs (and lottery winners) who were on top one minute, then in heavy debt/bankrupt the next. Don’t get so *****y to think that Britney can’t be dumb enough to be one of those to lose it all. It might be a hard lesson for her to learn, but I think Kevin will be instrumental in it all.

  7. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Are you an idiot? She obviously know how to market herself enough to sell over 8million copies an album! Think about it guys, shes a good business woman! How else could some1 make 140million! And lottery winners go bankrupt because they are normally nothing but poor people who are tossed into money and think it will never run out! Besides MC HAMMER TLC and a few athletes, name one pop star that has gone bankrupt

    The woman makes 40million a year even when shes not working… Its estimated that this year, with Curious expanding and Fantasy going on to the market, Britney will make 30million alone on that (source Vogue)

  8. krayziesaiko says:

    Um, no she’s not a good business woman. Have you not noticed that since she has split up with her manager everything she has tried to do has flopped? her MANAGER and the rest of them were good business people, and as horrible as this sounds they were using Britney to get themselves money. They used her and pretty much all of the preteen girls in this country and now they are laughing about it.

  9. Cabati says:

    yeah, if she keeps spending like she’s spending and not making money, then she’d be in trouble. But the girl is worth, what, 50 million? I think she’d have to keep that up for quite some time before she had to take out any loans.

  10. astrange1 says:

    She hasn’t sold 8 million copies of anything in a while. Her former manager guided her every move for years and kept her at or near the top. She fired him about a year ago and everything since then has been a disaster. He kept the world from finding out what a white trash she really was. Now we all know.

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