Britney And Pink Sail The Hitmaking Machine

Carly Carioli of the Boston Phoenix weighed in on both Britney Spears’ new album ‘In The Zone’ and Pink’s ‘Try This’. Carioli says, “The songs on In the Zone find Britney getting drunk, hooking up with anonymous Joes, passing out on the couch, waking up alone and masturbating, calling up her ex and offering a weepy apology.” And with Pink’s latest, “Most of the songs have Rancid’s identifiable three-chords-and-an-attitude simplicity, though they’re buoyed by dance-friendly rhythm sections, and Pink’s tough-girl delivery lights them with an aura of gospelly soul power.” The full story at has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Britney And Pink Sail The Hitmaking Machine

  1. rangergirl says:

    Yep, seems like Brit is totally ripping off , ok , borrowing from Madonna. Madonna had done the old masturbating & screwing anything that moves in her Blond Ambition period and Skanky Sex book. So , ok Brit using sex as her real talent like the ole Hag. Oh I see, sex sells. Just buy talented producers like Madonna did back in the day (i.e Patrick Leonard, William Orbit , Jelly bean, and so on and so on) and put together something passable and Market it to death. Just like money grubbing (who can not write a note of music )Madonna. Something to really aspire to huh, Brit?

  2. Carrie says:

    Yeah, that’s the Brit. She’s singing about her personal life. She’ll clean up her act 10 years from now just like Madonna. Madonna was worse than the Brit. She was too erotic for my taste. Brit is only capable of half of the crap Madonna did. I remember reading an article on the many men Madonna slept with and I won’t even mention numbers. She was sickening. She slept with anybody, both sexes by the way.

  3. rangergirl says:

    To Carrie: Yes, indeed she has admitted to flings with Vanilla Ice, Big Daddy Kane, Warren Beatty (old school hollywood slut) , Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Grey, Ingrid Caseres (club owner), Sandra Bernhard, Dennis Rodman and many, many others. Ok it’s your life do what you want But I think it’s crazy to model this behavior and to idolize her SO much, as do Brit, Pink ,& Christina. They need to put her and their careers in perspective. It’s is all about attention and/or $$$ with this “lady” & her phoney British accent. I have never seen anything like Madonna before. Geez.

  4. MusicIsFreedom says:

    Pink’s new CD is really good. It shows a whole other side to her vocals…and that she can basically sing anything. The only thing is, it takes a few listens because the material isn’t as deep as Missundaztood. The lyrics are lighter….not about her troubles growing up. If you’re expecting it sound like Missundaztood, well, you’re not gonna hear that. Try This is as different to Missundaztood, as Missundaztood was to Can’t Take Me Home. Musically, TRY THIS sounds like it’s more of a band effort, rather than the hip hop programming of Missundaztood. Actually..very little hip hop sound this time. Lots of ska horns and heavier in the guitar….and not really a punk sound as it’s being dubbed. It seems more rock. But, she has some deep songs on there as well…just more in third person. Not so personal this time. It’s just very different, but the energy and personality is all great…and all Pink. I’ve only heard two songs off of Britney’s cd, and wouldn’t really want to make a judgement on it as a whole. I kind of wish she wasn’t following Madonna around like a puppy dog….but, she seems really influenced by her right now…and the CD seems to be doing well, so…the best to her. It seems like it would be a very popular dance club record….from what I’ve heard anyway. Like I said, I can’t really comment on it.

  5. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Pink’s last album went down in flames! Pink didn’t “sail the hitmaking machine”, she floundering in the water!

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