Britney Continues To Trump Christina In Rivalry

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Many news circuits have not reported the full story on Britney’s incredible comeback last night that many would consider to be the greatest concert of all time. I was there and have to say she was AMAZING! I bought my tickets from a scalper and got MORE than my money’s worth!

What you are about to hear is the TRUTH behind the rumors, as well as some vicious references to that occured at the big Britney comeback.

Prior to getting onstage, the very last song played on the muzak was “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera. Britney fans errupted in loud boos, even screaming such things as “WE DON’T TO HEAR THAT TALENTLESS FUGLY WHORE’S MUSIC, WE WANT BRITNEY!” Not only this, but Christina’s song was cut off only a minute in to make way for Britney’s incredible opening number of “Baby One More Time.” The number was so revamped, many fans were in a shock and thought it was a stunning new song.

Britney showed all the world why she is and always has been the #1 singer. Certainly, she’s the top selling of the millenium. Her 5-song set (include the debut performance of “Do Something”) was jam-packed and to the point. The pop queen is back!

Media circuits have been quoting variations of “a 20 year old Britney fan” spewing all sorts of hate and negative reviews, but let me tell the truth! I was next to this person the entire concert and they were screaming and cheering at the top of their lungs! Then, after the concert the blowhard ran up to every camera in view to spew negativity and hate!

What a loser! Every Britney fan in sight – myself included – had nothing but good to say, so this person wanted attention so bad that they had to spread lies and hate to insure they’d make the news. Someone even came all the way from Australia for the comeback and said they’d do it all over again, yet this blowhard just wants on the news for all the wrong reasons.

The person was unattractive, so I have no clue why she’d want her rat face on a television screen. Just be assured that Britney was amazing and is most certainly back. Being 4 feet from her at the concert, I can exclusively tell you she makes J.Lo and Scarlett Johanssen look like mounds of poop in comparison.

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One thought on “Britney Continues To Trump Christina In Rivalry

  1. carly says:

    yeah nothing better than watching Britney Spears dance along to her prerecorded music. what a bargain (not)

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