Britney Feels Betrayed After Justin Flirts With Aguilera

The National Enquirer has more details on the hook-up with at Hollywood hangout Joseph’s on June 3rd. Britney Spears had went to the club to keep an eye on her former boyfriend hoping to rekindle their romance, but Justin was cold towards her the entire night. According to a source, “At one point, Justin got up and headed for the bathroom and ran into Christina, looking great in ghetto chic. He was overjoyed to see her, and they hugged, kissed, and talked animatedly. Now that Justin is back on the dating circuit, he looked at Christina in a whole new way.”

He then wrote down Aguilera’s number while touching Britney’s arch-rival saying, “I’ll call you tomorrow.” A spy said, “Those few minutes shattered Britney. For an hour tears welled up in Britney’s eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Justin’s message couldn’t have been any clearer – ‘we’re through, I’ve moved on.'”

To make matters worse for Britney, Justin then walked out of the club with Jenna Dewan with out even giving Britney a glance. A source said, “Britney’s lonelier and more depressed than she has been in years.”

Timberlake’s Solo Album On Jive?

June 19, 2002 – is asking whether the recently acquired Jive will claim rights to the already-recorded and highly touted album from *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake.

Britney Spears Invites Justin To Nyla Opening

June 17, 2002 – Extra TV has a video clip posted showing off the new restaurant Britney will be opening next week in New York. Co-owner Bobby Ochs provided the tour and revealed amongst the several celebrity guests invited is Spears’ former *NSYNC boyfriend. “I did take a peek at Britney’s personal invitation list. was on the list,” he said. Video has since been removed.

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5 thoughts on “Britney Feels Betrayed After Justin Flirts With Aguilera

  1. Agent_M says:

    Then what does JC buying a house in the area first have to do with anything? so your saying Britney should leave if she has a problem with ‘peepers’ because JC was there first?

  2. Lynn says:

    Since you don’t seem to have enough intelligence to comprehend her comment, I will try to explain. I believe she is saying that Britney should not complain about the houses since they were there when she moved in. Why are they only now getting on her nerves?

  3. eric69 says:

    That is so sad for Britney I don’t like Britney but that is messed up how that magazine can play with peoples emotions I know Britney must feel like sh it if it is true but Christina should not care about Britney’s feelings because Britney don’t like Christina its true cause on much music the show called egos and icons Britney said that her makeup artist recently did Christina makeup for one of her videos but this interview took place in 2000 and Christina gave her number to him to give to Britney and Britney” said that she lost the number but owell” that says alot!

  4. Breezy says:

    they should just drop these stories. Jenna and Justin aren’t dating to begin with and i don’t think Justin would do that to Britney either would Christina because they are good friends. they have said it and so has Christina’s mom so stop posting bull crap stories

  5. jujus_girl says:

    I’m sorry but that is so dumb! That is so not true! Britney says that she is slowly getting over it….but she would not sit there with “tears running down her cheeks.” And Christina and Justin would not do that after they JUST ran into each other after a long time without even talking….hugging maybe…BUT NOT KISSING!! Who ever believes this has serious problems.

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