Britney Gets Attacked For Things Christina Never Would

Contributed Anonymously:

If you don’t like essays than back away now! This is a warning so I don’t have to hear you complaining because I am telling you before you even read to leave if you hate essays! It seems to me that and can do the same things, and only one will get criticized for it, and that’s Britney. For example, Britney came out as a southern country bumpkin and still very much is. Except she got sexier along the way. Christina came out as one thing, SAYS she was LYING about who she was before and then comes out as another thing which is also not her.

She went from a little white pop girl, to a wannabe ghetto girl and the fake image she has NOW seems to be even less of her. You don’t grow up in a white upper middle class neighborhood with your mom and grandmother, and then at 22 all the sudden develop a ghetto accent and style and (the FUNNIES part) change her name to “Xtina” to show her “bad girl” side! LOL). Totally manufactured.

Yet Britney got the heat for doing something less dramatic than Christina ever did. She never changed her image that drastically and took off her close as much as Christina did. Britney gets implants. It made headlines and was talked about worldwide for years after…yet Christina so OBVIOUSLY did as well and NOBODY has even said a thing about it. One interview asked her about it on to which she lied and denied it. Which is the same thing Britney was criticized for doing. This is NOT about whose better, who’s more talented. It’s about how Britney will get criticized for doing something and Christina will do the exact same thing and nothing will be said about it.

Britney supposedly cheated on Justin Timberlake which I don’t buy…but it was all over the news and stuff. But the reason why Christina broke up with her first love was also supposedly because she cheated on him with Enrique Iglesias. And what was ever mentioned about that? It seems that Britney gets hell for everything she does, and Christina will get nothing from it. They are both not being themselves but Christina is way less of who she is.

Britney puts on a nice act, but that’s understandable because a lot of people try and look nice for the cameras. But Christina changed how she talked, how she dressed, her dumb looking piercings to try and save that manufactured wannabe bad girl image, she just changed herself completely. Nobody just gets a ghetto accent when they are 22 and never even grew up near the ghettos or around anyone from one. It’s so funny how people buy that. Even her look was totally trying to be ghetto.

Just because Christina can sing and Britney can’t, doesn’t give her anymore of an excuse when it comes to her image. Even when it comes to them changing their minds, Britney gets it worse. When Britney was 18 she said she wanted to try and stay a virgin until marriage. When she fell in love with Justin and dated him for a long time that changed. People called her a hypocrite and said how she lied about it and blah blah. Yet Christina has said “I will never go too far with dressing sexy, I am not going to be a stripper. I know how to dress sexy but not go too far and be trashy”. It was something along the lines of that. And did anyone mention the total hypocritical statement she made? I am sure the record label “made” her say that right? Sure.

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